Philanthropimania -n. 1. the feeling of being overcome by the spirit of philanthropy and absolute mania. 2. an inability to resist the urge to donate $5 or more to Clodagh Cares.

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Who is Clodagh?

Award-winning designer and author Clodagh is first and foremost a citizen of the world who travels the globe for business and inspiration.

She believes passionately in helping people help themselves and has dedicated her life to this cause. With ClodaghCares, she has sharpened her focus to bring the power of education to children in the most remote and marginalized places on earth.


What is she doing?

Clodagh believes in the fundamental right of every child to receive a good education. She understands that we must foster joy and pride in our young, which in turn will make the world a more harmonious, balanced place. With ClodaghCares, she envisions an expanding initiative that will bring schools to children worldwide, which will in turn enhance the welfare and well-being of their communities.


Who is she caring for?

Clodagh is using her time, influence and energy to create a team of like-minded souls who will drive ClodaghCares, so that children and families around the world are guaranteed the tools necessary to survive and prosper. This website and annual fundraisers have been designed to make it easy and fun to give – not until it hurts, but until it helps. Even in these difficult times, we have so much. A small donation from a huge population will make an enormous contribution to struggling children everywhere.

Schools We

The Azama Project
Azama, Ecuador

The Azama Project was created, under the umbrella of People Helping People (PHP), to alleviate suffering, offer hope, and develop and staff medical, dental and educational facilities. Learn More »

The Thorn Tree Project
Sereolipi and Ndonyo Wasin, Kenya

The Thorn Tree Project - under the auspices of the Sereolipi Nomadic Education Trust (SENET) - was created to provide education to the children of the Samburu people of Northern Kenya. Learn More »

Ape Action Africa
Mefou Park , Cameroon

Ape Action Africa was created to provide protection and care to the primates orphaned by the bushmeat and illegal pet trade caused by the illegal logging activities. Learn More »

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